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No place for a happy ending

Hier haben eure Gedichte platz!

No place for a happy ending

Beitragvon GlamMetal » 29. Apr 2009, 19:16

Running through the empty streets of night

Searching for a place

Where I can find peace

Freezing, alone, desperate

Don..t wanna suffer again

All this ugliness makes me sick

All the lies and broken promises

But true beauty I cannot hold or even reach

What is it that makes things happen that way

Cannot clear my mind

Stop pushing me into insanity

Can..t pull me out

By myself

Sitting on the floor watching at the sword in my hands

Covered with blood running down

Don..t feel anything

Oh I start fading

My blood..s burning but I..m still freezing

Close my eyes and see a kight

Open my eyes ... not that dream again

And I rise into a now day

Wandering around and still feel nothing
CologneRollerCat #669 Mistress Death
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